Special Moments

______________________________________In Solid Heart Pomeranians History___________________

Here at Solid Heart Pomeranians, we find that thanks to our little ones, everyday is just an extra bit more special. Here we will be posting those extra special moments in the history of the kennel.

Hopefully you will enjoy them just as much as we did!

Januray 1st, 2005;

This was the day of the arrival of our first little pom baby. Her name was Drakedram Vienna, and she was truly special indeed. Every person who ever came to meet her, also came to love her and considder her a friend. She is so friendly and loving in her nature, people cant help to stop in their tracks while walking outside just to ask if they can make her aquaintance. Exteriourly she is a true beauty, alwayse shaded by those ears, who are a tad too big, but never the less a huge part of her personality and expressiv nature, and I wouldn't have her any other way.

Febuary 2nd 2006;

On this day the kennels first litter was born. Three beautiful little girls was given to us, Alaska (Alice), Asia and Africa, a true blessing. Their mother was Drakedram Deep In Sea, we called her Sea and she was an extraordinary mother. She was never tired of her little ones, on the countrary, she spend every moment she could with them. The only thing that could lure her away from her lucky tripplets was the promis of a good cuddle. The girls would prove to inherit their mothers fine temper, and much of the best from both mum and dad (Pomanna Silver Sensation At Jacobian). They all developed a perfect scissor bite, and they were all free from open fontanells and herinas. Alice proved to be a real wizz in obediance, and has done really well in the showring to. Both her sisters are making their way in the show ring as well, and we couldn't be prouder. Thank you so much Hanna and Ida, for taking such good care of two of our little girls. I couldn't have picked a better home for either of them.

Sea and the girls

August 5th, 2006;

This is the day that our kennel really showed the quality of it's breeding for the first time. Our first kept girl, lastborn in our first litter, took BIS puppy at the National Show in Östersund. It was truly amazing and Africa did splendidly. She really acted like a showgirl all the way, strutting around the ring like she owned it and as if she was far older then her 6 months. This was her first official show, and we couldn't be prouder. It was later figured in the kennel clubs official magazine, and the clip now hangs on our wall with the rosett. A truly great day.

May 24th, 2008;

On may 24th, our beautiful little Solid Heart Of Venice at 17 months of age, did us all proud by winning the first CAC won by a Solid Heart Pom in Österbybruk.

There was alot of beautiful poms there, 15 entered in total, and all though out of coat, little Venice and her owner/handler Gun managed to show what a quality girl she is, and became second best bitch to a beautiful champion bitch, and took home the CAC.

I want to extend a special thanks to Venice owner Gun, for taking such good care of little Venice, and for grooming, trimming and showing her as excellent as she does.


Febuary 10th 2008;

This was the day our highly anticipated and beloved China was born out of Africa, together with her sister Kara. Unfortunatly, Kara died before she could ever see the light of day, but we were blessed to still have China with us, who alone can fill up a ballroom with her personality. You cant really be around her and not notice her, she is not a low key dog by any means, she makes her presence known and we just love her for it.

The journey to get China as a part of our family was an exciting one! We came in contact with a very special women in Russia, Margarita Titarenko, who had leased Bon from his breeder and owner, Daniel Yona, for a year. She was so gracious and kind, so much that she agreed to come to Finland and stay there for a few days to have the mating between Africa and Bon done there. We got to stay at another lovely woman and breeders house, Ganga Boehm, and I can say that some very special friendships were made during my time there. I got to see alot of really amazing dogs, Bon being the one that will alwayse have my heart in his paws.

Shortly after Africa being bred to Bon, he went back to America, and little did we know, that he was about to join the poms of history! As I am writing this, alittle over a year since I saw him last, he has won 12 Best in Shows, all breed, and 7 Best in Show at Pom speciality shows! He also became TOP POM 2008 in the US, and is now producing some lovely offspring over there.

9 weeks from the first breeding, China was born, our first second generation puppy, and to watch her grow into a beautiful young pom has been a pleasure. I am very excited as to what the future hold for this special little girl, both as a family member, in the showring and in the whelpingbox.


December 21th 2009;

A real dream has come true , the first stud ever to have set his paw (except for the puppies of course) at Solid Heart Pomeranians! His name was Ch Unbeaten Walking Mr. Flip Of Picathu. He was leased to us at the generosity of his breeder and owner, Sabine Jörg at Picatchu pomeranians in Switzerland.

This was the start of a whole new adventure for us. It all started when we went so Switzerland, after a long internet friendship with Sabine and a long time waiting, to breed Africa to Flip. I immideatly fell in love with him, he had the sweetest temperament, and his beauty was just a huge plus. Sabine and I became dear friends, and I can never thank her enough for entrusting me with this wonderful boy. I know he will make all the difference in my breeding program.

December 21th 2009;

Our trip to Switcherland ended in a beautiful litter of 2 puppies being born here in May. During the fall, it was finally time for Flip to come here to breed my girls. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. All in all, 10 puppies out of 3 litters were born here from Flip, and we have great hopes for the kept girls from these litters, and of course for their sibling, who most of them ended up in show homes, and all of them in loving homes. All of the 10 puppies are pictured below


*** Solid Heart Of Hailey ******* Solid Heart Of Holbrook ****** Solid Heart Of Java ******** Solid Heart Of Jamaica ********* Solid Heart Of Jordan


*** Solid Heart Of Kosovo ***** Solid Heart Of Kenya ****** ** Solid Heart Of Kingston ******* Solid Heart Of Kendall ****** Solid Heart Of Korea


The last 5 puppies pictured represent our first 3rd generation of Solid Heart puppies born here at the kennel. To boot, thise was the first litter of 5 ever to be born at Solid Heart! We feel that our vision is finally begining to take form, we are loving the looks and temperaments of these puppies. Weare hoping that each and every one of them will make their mark in Swedish pom history in their own way.

June 2nd 2011;

This was a historic date for us here at Solid Heart, since it was the day that our first import arrived to Sweden! In short time, he gained his swedish title, and started producing beautiful babies for us and other breeders here in Scandinavia. His name was Ch Great Rivers Tur-Beau Charged!