Reference Poms

______________________________________ Important poms in the breeding history of Solid Heart___________________

During our fantastic years in the breed, we have had the privelige to use some extraordinary studs owned and/or bred by other pom breeders. Some of them have made a huge difference in our own breeding, and this page is therefor dedicated to those dogs. All of them are behind our current breeding dogs, so their individual presentations will give you an insight to the background and history of our poms!

Pomanna Silver Sensation at Jacobian

"Hue" was the father of our very first litter here at Solid Heart, and to this day I think it was one of my best decisions as a breeder. This fantastic boy came as an older boy to kennel Drakedram, and quickly became one of the most popular studs in Sweden for many years to come. Some of his best qualities involve a long, harsch coat, small feet, beautiful angles, cute face and tiny ears. On top of that he had the sweetest temperament. Thank you so much Rita Olofsson for letting us use this boy and get such a great start in the breed!






Ch Velocity's Shake Ur Bon Bon

When planning our Hue daughters first litter, our expectation were real high and the standards were set so high that we felt it difficult to find a male that we thought suited Africa well enough. A conincidence made us aware of this beautiful boy "Bon", american born, who was now visiting Upstart-Fora poms in Russia. We managed to get the breeding done and got a very special female out of the breeding. A deep thank you to Margarita Titarenko for all she did to make this breeding possible.






Ch Unbeaten Walking Mr Flip of Picatchu

When our "Bon" daughter was grown and her first litter was fast approaching the dilemma appeared again, who to chose? After alot of searching and studying of pedigrees, we decided on this beautiful boy called Flip, bred and owned by kennel Picatchu in Switzerland. By the generosity of his owner, he even came to visit us for a short while and produced 3 litters of all together 10 puppies here with us. Quite a few of them ended up in show and breeding homes, and we kept 2 lovely girls for ourselves. Thank you so very much to Sabine Joerg for your friendship and generosity!