The pom is a truly remarkable breed, with a personality that widely extends from its tiny body, and moves everybody sharing it's space. The pom adores his family with every breath he takes. Not aware of his small size, he will protect the ones he love with his life.

The poms personality is wide spread, he can be just as playful with the family kids as he can be calm in the sofa in front of the TV, and just as loving towards his friends and family as he can be fierce towards those who wishes to come between them.

A pom can be just as good a company for an old lady in her small apartment, as he can be a motivated working dog in every field. I know poms that have made a name for them selves in everything from shows, obediance and agility, to blood tracking and hunting.

Of course must everyone who deciedes to enrich their life with a little pom, be avare that it's courage far extends the ability of it's fragile puppy body. You need to keep a close eye to make sure the pup dont do anything foolish, until its old enough and wise enough to realise that it cant get away with anything. A pom needs just as much diciplin and structire as any pup, no matter what breed.

Also a pom is a guarding dog by heart, so lots of training often has to go to "controll" the barking. You can easily find an on and off button on a pom, since it is often very easily motivated, as long as you take the time to find it.

I would say that a pom needs socilisation even MORE then most breeds, mainly because of it's tough nature. It needs to learn to trust their owners in every situation, so that they dont end up running the family. An unsocialised pom can often "take over" the family, and believe itseld to be it's leader. This can lead to unnessecary guarding (sometimes even between family members) and alot of barking.

One may think that a pom requires alot of coat work, but it really isn't that bad. A good combing every twoo weeks will do just fine, maybe once or twice a week when shedding. The best and worst thing about the poms shedding is the shedded fur often stays in the coat, until brushed out, so you dont have to worry about alot of fur on your good sofa. This also means that you have to be thourough to get everything out, so that the coat can progress nicely without any tangles.

The pom is a real comedian, often dancing around it's owner, just to get a laugh. Circus tricks are trained with joy, and you cant to anything else but smile when the pom gets started on your favorit tricks.

With a little TLC, socialisation and diciplin, a pom will prove to be the perfect pet, every time.