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10/11 2016; We have puppies! Please view our "Current litters"-page and "Available"-page for more information.

7/9 2016; We are expecting puppies! Read more on our "Planned litters"-page.

25/10 2015; We are expecting puppies! Read more on our "Planned litters"-page.

8/11 -14; Another puppy spring has come and gone, and in may two litters were born here at Solid Heart, holing a total of 6 puppies. The puppies quickly found their new forver homes, and we have added new photos of both the "Game of Thrones"-litter and the "Movie"-litter. Some more pictures of the pupies have also been added to our "Available"-page, for the illustration of what a puppy from us can look like. Now we are looking forward and new litters for the spring of 2015 has been planned. Read all about it under the "Planned Litters"-page.

29/4 -14; Alot of exciting news here at Solid Heart! Both China and Korea are confirmed pregnant, more info is on our "Planned Litters"-page. Also our little new hopeful Havanna has now arrived! See more of her on our "Hopefuls"-page. We have also added an updated, gorgeous picture of our stud Sonic at our "Stud"-page.

15/4 -14; Alot of news on our website this time! Some new titles have been added to our dogs names, and we have also added some more information, pictures, albums, pedigree information ect to all of our dogs on the website. Many of their albums are now linked to their FB albums, so do feel free to add us on FB to see more of our dogs! We have also made some new additions to the kennel; We are welcoming a new american import male, called Trudy's Phoenix Rising. He is a very promising young male who you should be seeing alot of in the future in the Scandinavian Show Rings. More information about him is available on our "Stud"-page. To boot we are soon welcoming a new little addition, Havanna, from Finland, sired by our Ch Turbo, out of a gorgeous female called FinJW-11 FINUCH DKCH EECH Shikanas Smashing Pumpkin, and bred by Sanna Ahola of Shikana Pomeranians. Read more about her on our "Hopefuls"-page. And here is the news I think most of you are the most excited to read about; We are expecting puppies! Read all about our two new upcoming litters on our "Planned Litters"-page.

7/8 -13; We have updated the webpage with some pictures and titles. Sonic made us proud by recently winning his Estonian Championship title! We have also added the China/Chance litter to our "Previous Litters"-page, and added our little girl Rumour from that litter to our "Hopefuls"-page. The exciting litters for 2014 have allready been decided on, and you can read more about them on our "Planned Litters"-page.

13/3 -13; Big news and updates! The first Solid Heart dog has now achieved her first titles, and we are so proud! Our Korea can is now called SEUCH FINUCH Solid Heart of Korea and is featured both on our "Female"-page and our "Champion"-page. Koreas mom China has now also been bred, read more about it on our "Planned litters"-page. We have also updated our pictures of Turbo, see our "Stud"-page and his own page.

10/1 -13; Another breeder in Stockholm has a stunning little black and tan male after our Turbo for sale, for more info check out our "Available"-page.

15/8 -12; It has been an exciting few weeks! Sonic finished his american championship and arrived home just under a week ago to Sweden! Also our beloved boy Turbo made a short trip to Finland, to come home with his Finnish Championship Title! We have added new pictures and titles on both the boys under our "Stud"-page and on Sonics page. Turbos win pictures are featured both on the frontpage and on the menue page. Both boys and titles are filled into our "Champion"-page. Also we have added a new picture of our Kori on our "Females"-page, which was taken this week when she won her first finnish CAC!

13/7 -12; Quite a few changes have been made to the website at this time, some are cosmetic, but we have also made some deep cuts in the contents to make it more updated and informative, without being cluttered. For example, we have added a champion page to the menu, and the Past poms-page have been changed to a feature page of the outside studs we have used in our kennel that have come to be ver important in our breeding program. We have also, and will be in the next few days, added updated pictures of our previous bred-by poms. Enjoy your look around our newly tweaked site!

17/6 -12; We have added a couple of new pictures of our current puppies, the Q-litter. Please go to our "Current Litter"-page to enjoy them!

18/5 -12; On the 11th of April our Lillis gave birth to a litter of 2 lovely puppies, one black and tan male and one orange sable female. For pictures and information, please take a look at our "Current Litters"-page. None of these puppies are for sale. Unfortunatly we were unable to have China bred during her season, and so we will not be having anymore puppies during 2012. Next litter will be planned for the summer of 2013. Our little happy munchkin Penny will be staying here at Solid Heart, and so she has earned her own little corner on our "Hopefuls"-page.

25/3 -12; Preston is now sold and we no longer have any puppies available. But we have noww confirmed that Lillis is pregnant and we are expeting puppies to be born in the middle of April. In addition to that we have also added some new puppy plans to the "Planned Litters"page! We have also added new pictures of Preston and Phoenix under "Current Litters", new pictures of Penny Lane wil come shortly!

21/3 -12; Phoenix is sold, and we are now making his brother Preston available, preferebly to a home where he will be shown! Check out our "Available"-page for more information!

12/3 -12; We have mad quite a few tweaks and tucks on the page today! First of all, the M-litter has move out of the current litters-page and moved in to their own page under previous litters, called "M-litter". Also you can see a couple of new pictures of Sonic on our frontpage and "Our Stud"s-page. Other exciting news is that we have now decided to make Phoenix available to a loving forever home. We have added new pictures of him both on the "Current Litters"-page and also on the "Available"-page. Also his litter siblings Penny and Preston has gotten updated photos on the Current Litters-page.

3/3 -12; We have now added a few new pictures of the boys from our M-litter on the "Current Litters"-page.

25/2 -12; Now we have added new pictures of our P-litter on our "Current litters"-page and also on the "Available"-page.

18/2 -12; Memphis has now found his new forever home, so we have once again made updates to our "Available"-page.

14/2 -12; We have made quite a few tweaks and additions to the webpage again. First our O-litter has now started to move on to their new homes and so have been replaced on the "Current Litters"-page by our brand new litter from Korea and Turbo! We have also made some exciting additions on the "Available"-page, the new litter is featured there and we have published a new picture of cute little Memphis. We have also finally bred our final girl Lillis, read more about it on our "Planned Litters"-page.

5/2 -12;We have now added brand new pictures of little Memphis on our "Available"-page.

4/2 -12; Now only one of Chinas beautiful little boys is left available, read more about him and see more pictures on our "Available"- page. We have also added new pictures of all 6 boys on our "Current Litter"-page. We will be updating new pictures of the boys often from now on, so remember to check in from time to time!

9/1 -12; We have puppy news! Another beautiful litter sired by Turbo has now been born out of China, read more about it on our "Current litter"-page. A couple of the boys from this litter is still available, read all about it on our "Available"-page. We have now also confirmed that Korea is pregnant!

14/12 -11; Yesterday we welcomed the arrival of our first Turbo litters, a handsome duo of boys. Read all about it on our "Current Litters"-page. We have also now confirmed that China is pregnant and is due in the beggining of 2012.

29/11 -11; Once again we have made quite a few updates to the webpage! We hade added some pictures of new Turbo kids bred by other kennels, they are looking smashing and we hope you will enjoy watching them. We also hope they will be representative of the puppies that will be born from Turbo here during this winter! Speaking of, there has been quite a few developements on the "Planned litters"-page, where we now have one confirmed pregnant female and 2 bred females. In other big big news, we have made a new addition to the Solid Heart team! A new male from the US will be joining us this spring after finishing his american championship. His name is CR Crime Boss "Sonic". You can read some about him on his page, and he can also be found under our stud page.

25/10 -11; We hade made several tweaks, reloactioning and additions to the webpage, mainly pictures, albums and such. Also we have added the happy news of our Turbo achieving his first scandinavian title! We are hoping its the first of many to come! Kori and Lillis have both now earned their place on our "Current Poms"-page, and our new little addition Nirvana has taken their place on the "Hopeful"-page! We have also decided on a male for our China, but he will remain a secret for now! We have also added some tidbits to our "Special Moments"-page.

5/8 -11; During the past 2 months where there has been no updates to the webpage quite a bit has happend and I have tried to update it all onto the website. Some of the poms albums have been updated, and there are several new show results for Korea, among other things she has won her first CACIB! There has also been some puppy news, Sizle gave birth to her litter of one female puppy on the 21/7. She will not be for sale, but will instead be staying here with us. Unfortunatly I also have to announce that China did not have any puppies this time, and so we will not have any available puppies until earliest in the beggining of 2012. At that time we are planning on breeding both Lillis and Korea, and probably also China.

8/6 -11; What a week! The day after Turbo's arrival to Sweden, he goes and wins 4th best male at the pomeranian speciality, with no less then 81 poms entered, of which about 35 were males. We have also had our lovely China bred, and so we are expecting another litter around week 32. More information can be found under our "Planned Litters"-page.

22/5 -11; Sizzle has now been bred! Read more under the "Planned Litters"-page. We have also made updates with info and pictures on our "Owned by others"-page.

20/4 -11; Vi have given Korea a new profile picture and updated er show results. We have also given Turbo a new profile picture and added his pedigree to the website.We have also added some details to our "Planned Litters"-page.

25/2 -11; We have officialy made our first import! We would like to welcome Turbo to the Solid Heart team. We have also made some announcements of plans on our "Planned Litters"-page.

27/9 -10; We have made some small changes to our "Planned Litters"-page, updated pictures of Lillis and Korea both in their respective albums, on the webpage and on our "Hopefuls"-page, and we now have a new email adress just push the Contact button and send us an email!

11/8 -10; We have updated our Planned Litters-page with new and exciting plans for 2011! We have also updated the galleries of Lillis, Korea and Kendall, you can see those on our "Hopefuls"-page.

12/4 -10; We have some news on our "Planned Litters"-page. We have also added new pictures on the webpage and in the galleries on some of our "Current Dogs" and of our "Show Hopefuls".

13/3 -10; Lot's of nips and tucks have been made to the homepage, pedigrees and new pictures of the puppies have been added. We also have new litter plans on our "Planned Litters"-page, and we have added some new hopefuls to our "Hopefuls"-page.

9/2 -10;Chinas puppies are now born! Read more about both her litter and Africas litter under "Current Litters".

7/1 10; Africas puppies are born! You can read and see more about them on the "Current Litters"-page. We have also added our new addition Sizzle to our "Current Dogs"-page.

28/11 -09; We have made quite a few updates to our webpage! We are now breeding 2 of our girls, read more about it on the "Planned Litters"-page. They are beeing bred to our highly anticipated visitor Flip, you can see more of him on his own page; Flip. The previous litter from Flip is now added to our "Previous Litters"-page.

10/5 -09; Africa is now very pregnant, news and pictures has been added to our "Planned Litters"-page.

24/3 -09; Africa have now been mated! Read more on our "Planned Litters"-page. We also have some news on our "Planned Imports"-page.

8/1 -09; After quite some time, our swedish version of the homepage is finally here. We haven't completed all of the subpages, but we are working on it. Thank you all for your patience.

24/11 -08; After a bit of a "vacation" here at Solid Heart pomeranians, with quite a few changes made, moving being a huge one, we are back and making plans! The year of 2009 should be one of the most exciting ones so far, we are debuting our little China into the big rings, she has been shown at a puppy match with excellent results, read more about that on the "China's Results"-page. We have also made a few litter plans and also, it is the planned year of perhaps 2 new imports. Please read more on the "Planned Litters"-page to see what we are planning as far as puppies for next year. We are looking for suitable co-owners for a few of the puppies planned for next year. I am also hoping to be able to add information about our coming newcomers from abroad soon!

20/6 -08; We have made some tweaks and updates to the page. A "Owned by others"-page have been added, to more easily follow the results and progress of poms bred by us but owned by others. We have also added a "Hopefuls"-page, to better present our young hopefuls here at Solid Heart pomeranians. We have also updated "Venice Results"-page with info on her CAC win, and the "Planned Litters"-page, with some thoughts about future breedings and combinations. We have also added lots of links to the "Pom Breeders Link"-page.

4/6 -08; At the 24th of May, our special little girl Solid Heart Of Venice won her first CAC at Österbybruk. We have decided to post the win on our "Special Moments"-page, seeing as it is the first CAC won by a Solid Heart Pomeranian, and we couldn't be prouder.

17/4 -08; Quite a few things have happend since last time I've updated. The biggest thing would be that Vienna now has a baby boy with her. More about that is under the new page "F-litter". He is nameless as of yet. I have also put out correct pedigrees under all litters and dogs. Some changes has been made to the "Planned Litters" and "Current Litters"-pages. I have also put in quite a few pictures in Chinas gallery, and the new little boy has a gallery on the "F-litter" page.

19/3 -08; We have added China to our "Current Poms"-page, and added some images to her gallery as well. I have also added a belly picture of Vienna under "Planned Litters".

29/2 -08; We are making some adjustments to the layout of the webpage. We hope all of you will like it.

25/2 -08; We have updated the "Planned Litters" page with some new info on Viennas pregnancy, and China now has her own gallery, which has been updated with new pictures.

15/2 -08; Vienna is now home and bred. Now we just have to wait and see if it took.

11/2 -08; On the night to Sunday, Africa gave birth to her first litter. See more under "Current Litters". Vienna has now been mated, read more about it under the "Planned Litters".

5/2 -08; New belly pictures on the "Planned Litters" page.

31/1 -08; Vienna is now in heat! We also have some new pictures of Africas baby belly, read all about it on the "Planned Litters"-page.

16/1 -08; Africa has now been ultrasounded with great results! The vet was 99% sure she saw 2 puppies, for pictures, look into the "Planned Litters" page.

5/1 -08; We have made some allturations to the "Planned Litters" page about the upcoming breeding of Vienna. She is to be mated to the lovely male Star Havens Blazin' Comet. We are also planning on ultrasounding Africa, who is showing positiv signs of being pregnant, on the 15th of January. Results from the ultrasounding will be posted as soon as possible after that.


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