Buying a pom from us

When you buy a pom from Solid Heart Kennels, you aren't just getting a beautiful, spirited little dog, you also get protection in many forms (3 years hidden faults insurance, a veterinarian certificat stating the puppy's health, vaccinations, pedigree ect) and most important, you get the full devotion from me as a breeder and dog owner. You can be sure that I will alwayse be at hand for you and the baby for the rest of the poms life. I have the loving support of many breeders that are long runners both in breeding and in pom, so even if a question is to tough for me myself to answer, the support is alwayse there and we will find answers together to work for the good of the little one.

This is what you revieve when picking up your pom;

  • Certificat of Registration from the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)
  • Certificat of Purchase
  • A certificat from the veterinarian stating that you are buying a healthy puppy. Never buy a puppy without this, since it is the only thing guaranteeing you, as much that it can be guaranteed, that you are buying a healthy dog. The certificat should not be more then a week old.
  • Together we sign insurance paper, so your dogs is insured from the start.
  • A certificat of membership to SJV stating membership, to be sent in by the new owner.
  • Membership in the Swedish Pomeranian Club(for more information, see the clubs webpage (
  • An information slip. Here you can read about everything you need to know as a new puppy owner, both present, future and past.
  • Some puppy kibbels