Solid Heart Of The China Sea

This is our first secondgeneration Solid Heart baby, and I couldn't be happier about how she is turning out. She is very outgoing and tough, and at the same time the sweetest thing, and is never a bother. I just love this girl.

PL; 1/1.



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Solid Heart of the Rumour Mill

Our baby girl Rumour was the only girl in a litter of 4, and what a girl! Great size, perfect teeth, great health, nice built and strong movement. We cant wait to see this little one grow up!

PL; 0/0



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Shikana's Hava Nagila

This little gem has now joined the Solid Heart family, and she is all I had hoped for and more! We cant wait to see what the future has in store for this super happy and healthy little girl.


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Solid Heart of Brienne

Bree is a very tiny spit fire, she loves showing herself off and to play with her "brother" Mic mac. She lives with my my co owner and dear friend Gunnel Hallström, where she will never be bred due to her small size, but shown extensivly.










Drakedram Vienna

Vienna was my first and most beloved pom. She brightens my day.



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NORDUCH DKV-13 Solid Heart Of Korea

When this little girl was born as a real surprise as number 5 in our first third generation litter, we instantly knew she was a keeper, and she has not disappointed us yet! We look on as she keeps developing beautifully each and every day.

Pl; 1/1


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