Breeding Goals

In our breeding, the work towards a healthy breed is of out most importance. We want to breed towards making patella, loss of teeth and fontanells a rarity in the breed, rather then the common thing. We want to work on maintaining the breeds wonderful features, such as it's amazing conformation, intelligence, that sweet little bear face, ect. First of all we breed to maintain a healthy bonestructure, exquisit, thick coat, rich in pigment and color, and the wonderful little head that the breed is renowned for. We put mentality and and a stabil mind in very high regards in our poms. A pom should be intelligent, alert, tough and confident. The pom has an amazing social ability, making it a terrific house pet, and also a terrific competitor, since it has alot of drive and "will to please" towards it's owners. It's huge lust and joy for life is something we want to maintain to the fullest.

These are our goals

  • A healthy and sound breed
  • Dogs with a great lust for life, intelligence and drive. A pom that will both appreciate a night in the sofa in front of the TV, as well as a full day in the competition ring.
  • Dogs with a sound bonestructure (patella free and all of their teeth), with the typical "square" shape, excellent coating and alot of color. A correct and beautiful head with a nose of good size and oval dark eyes.