Hello and welcome to Solid Heart Pomeranians!

I who first started Solid Heart Kennels is Sofie Zanders and I am a government employee, working at Länsstyrelsen in Härnösand, Västernorrland.. When I am not working, I spend most of my time with my dogs and my family. I have been working with dogs since I was ten years old. When I turned ten I got the chance to work with my neighbours golden retriever puppy, and it was such a rewarding experience. Sheila will alwayse have a special place in my heart and I still try to see her as often as I can. After that practically every dog (and dogowner) in the neighbourhood had to put up with me. I trained obediance, agility and took long strolls in the woods. During this time I learned so much about puppy developement, the dogs "language" and ethology became my favorit school subject.

When I turned 14, I came in contact with a doggy day care center in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, and there I was stuck for many years. And except for when I had to spend time in school or at work I spent all of my time at the day care center. Now I was like a sponge over all the dog books I could get my hands on. When I turned 18, and only had one year to go in high school, I started thinking seriously about what breed was the perfect breed for me. After alot of studying I finally decided on the Pomeranian. The first of January 2005, my beautiful girl Vienna finally came home. And the from there, the rest i history.

My time with the poms may have begun with Vienna, but my breeding didn't. Me and my sister, who today has kennel Ma Di Tau, got the opportunity to buy two wonderful brood bitches, one in the fall of 2005, the other in the summer of 2006. They had both proven themselves to be excellent mothers in the past, and they haven't dissappoint me either. I built a strong female line on one of these girls, and she has put a huge print on my poms of today.

My ambitions have been many, and since my start in poms I have imported one female and three males, who have all been significant studs in the Nordics countries, both in my own kennel and in others. I have also shown these, and other poms from my breeding, to their championsships since.

I are aiming to breed 1-2 litters a year, and of course I need to satisfy my own needs first and formost, but I are alwayse on the lookout for suitable puppy buyers for my wonderful little puppies, and also suitable co-owners for my most excellent puppies. So please dont hesitate to contact me if you have an interest in a puppy, or if you imply want to talk about poms!

Best regards, Sofie Zanders at Solid Heart Pomeranians